A New Year, But Will It Be Business As Usual?

By Dorothy Durio Collins

Pondering what has happened to this country in 2013 in its closing hours has got me thinking about the political firestorm the year has been.
I am hoping against hope that 2014 will be better for everyone, and by that I mean the average American, the 47 percenter, the 99er, etc. To this writer, 2013 was just brutal.
It to me that the Republican party just is against everything good that we who fall in these categories need. They turned up their noses in the Congress at the Farm Bill, separated SNAP (food stamps) from it, and then strippped it. They took their holiday break without renewing long-term unemployment insurance coverage for the 99ers. Kick folks when they’re down, right?
Then Rand Paul, a marvelous plagiarist Senator from Kentucky said, “Those who don’t have a job shouldn’t get food stamps.”
To whit, another Republican colleague suggested that children should work for their school lunches by sweeping the floors.
Yeah, right.
I can see a five-year-old kid sweeping the floors, pushing one of those big brooms up and down the halls, earning his food. He would starve just working.
The next big thing Republicans did was shut down the federal government over Obamacare (I HATE that misnomer) led by Canadian Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. He first held a fake filibuster by reading “Green Eggs and Ham,” a book about tolerance, and invoking Hitler and Chamberlain’s bad meeting in 1938, got that story wrong, just being a jerk, and everyone in the Republican party blamed it on President Obama. How could he possibly think the President would give up on his signature legislation? It was all for naught, in the end.
Just bad politics.
Now, we have the wonderful Mexican Wall, similar to the Berlin Wall, but no immigration reform bill, because Republicans don’t want immigrants who have been here for decades as citizens. That’s the thorn in their sides on this bill.
Like racist Steve King said, “They weigh 80 pounds but have calves the size of cantaloupes from humping all those bales of dope across the desert. ” Puh-leeze. How racist can you get?
I do not know of any American that is NOT an immigrant. That’s how this country was built. There is NO excuse why folks from Mexico and other countries shouldn’t be allowed citizenship.
PERIOD. Except for Republican obstruction.
There’s a lot to come in 2014.
There’s extending unemployment, putting the snap back in SNAP, raising the minimum wage, and last but not least, ELECTIONS. We must pressure Republicans, and defeat them at the ballot box if they continue with the obstructionism.


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