REMARKS: LA Dems Executive Director Handwerk Denounces AFP’s Anti-Louisiana Agenda, Group’s Efforts To Kill Senate’s Flood Insurance Bill

Louisiana Democrats

Bill Cassidy Literally Thanked Koch Brothers’ Group For Millions In False Attack Ads

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – On a press conference call this morning, Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk denounced the Koch brothers group Americans for Prosperity’s (AFP) anti-Louisiana agenda and efforts to kill bipartisan flood insurance reform.

AFP is spending millions of dollars almost single-handedly waging an anti-Landrieu ad campaign on behalf of Congressman Bill Cassidy, whom the billionaire Koch brothers have endorsed. Bill Cassidy’s public relationship with AFP dates back to at least November of 2013, when Cassidy literally thanked a staff member of the IE group while campaigning at one of their events. He conveniently left the AFP event off of his official campaign schedule.

AFP endorsed plans to slash seniors’ Social Security and Medicare benefits. The group advocated for Governor Jindal’s misguided and widely panned tax plan. Now AFP is trying to kill bipartisan…

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