The Outhouses Of Bodie Ghost Town

The Gravel Ghost

I always listen for it.  The sound of water running, running, running in the house.  Nine times out of ten it means that one of the toilets has an issue.  There are two Kohler toilets in my house that always seem to have a problem.  The latest has been a corroded flapper that needed replacing in both toilets simultaneously.

Leaning Outhouse.  Copyright Merilee Mitchell

The other four toilets have a flush that’s so loud it could wake the dead.  My youngest son was terrified to flush the toilet in his bathroom when he was little.  He was afraid it would suck him down into a void of terror.  I will admit, the flush is so powerful it’s startling.  You have to push down the flusher and then run out of the room quickly before the “WHOOSH!!!” assaults you.

Outhouse.  Copyright Merilee Mitchell

When I travel in the desert, I have my routine rest stops I prefer to use.  Ones…

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