About Dorothy Durio Collins

I am a freelance reporter an op-ed writer, liberal activist, policy wonk, political adviser, and gumbo chef extraordinaire living in Baton Rouge, LA. I have a daughter,  Marguerite. I am state director of Progressive Democrats of America and Publicity and Programs Chair for the Democratic Women of Greater Baton Rouge. I am Secretary and Press Secretary of All Party Systems, Inc.

Oh, and yes…my seafood gumbo kicks ass…


7 thoughts on “About Dorothy Durio Collins

  1. andrewdavid1668 says:

    Hiya i absolutely love your blog site, iam new to the world of blogging and iam still learning. So check out my blog site and tell me what you think. Thanks x

  2. What a great Weblog, Dorothy. I find everyone of the posts very interesting. Keep up the good work and are you ever going to give up your Kickass Chicken Gumbo recipe? 😉

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